Sunday, September 2, 2012

A True Vintage Revival

Remember when I said goodbye to the blogging world a while back? Well it didn't stick. I found out about an Epic Room Makeover  Contest and just had to return in order to enter my kitchen.

My house is a historic home and I love it. Well, some of it. It was built around 1883. I have been doing some research and discovered that one of the first families that lived in my house (or do I live in theirs?) was the family of David and Jane Stagg. They lived here with their 8 children.

This is a picture of my house in the 1950's. I so badly want to find a picture of the Staggs in front of the home to feature in my living room.

It is so exciting to catch little glimpses of the people who came before us.  Here is a peek at my treasures that we have found in our yard. I keep them in a little wooden box. Mandi, if I win I would love your help creating a way to show these off.

And I am not sure what to do with this...

I have great South facing windows in my kitchen.  I need help enhancing the full length window that my sink is in front of. I don't know if an apron sink or something would help?

 The kitchen is such a small space that storage, dining, prep and clean up are all problems. Especially if there is more than one person in the kitchen. If you sit at the table and someone needs to get into the bedroom or pantry you all have to stand up to let the person by. The oven and dishwasher block the walkways as well. I would be so excited  to see what Mandi from would do with my kitchen to help me make the most of it. I hope that she is up for this true vintage revival :)  This historic home is a gem that is worth saving.


  1. Shelese! What a fun house, I love all of the treasures that you have found!! Thank you so much for entering and good luck!!

    Love your guts

  2. How awesome would that be?! Hope you win!

  3. That would be so cool if you win! I'll keep voting!

  4. Your blog actually brought tears to my eyes. My dad, Norm who you contacted the other day, forwarded your email. David and Jennie Stagg are my great-grandparents. (According to my grandma, her mom hated the name Jane and always went by Jennie.) David and Jennie have always been legendary to me because their meeting and love story are miraculous. Thanks for sharing the pictures - what a treasure for their descendants!

  5. Lyn, I had tears when I read your great grandparents story that your dad sent me. It is so sweet, and the pictures are amazing! If you are ever in town feel free to email me, I would love to show you around!

  6. Shelese, I know what you need to do with your fun finds. You can make a coffee table out of an old letterpress drawer and then you put your treasures in each little box and cover with glass or plexiglass.
    I am making it sound stupid but I saw it and thought it was awesome and as soon as I saw your pile of treasures I thought it would be perfect.
    Ok just link here to see for yourself.

  7. I am named David staggs don't know if relations are there but knowing the history speaks for itself.

  8. This post is old, but if you happen to see this, I would like to know what you decided to do with the part of the old chimney. My family just moved into a home built in 1890 and we have one of these in our kitchen, too. I have no idea what to do with it, other than pretend it's not there.