The things she says

"Mommy, I love and I like you"

"I used to have a baby in my belly then I punched it and it came out a hole in my that what happens?"

"I have a spaskeeto bite"

"Mommy, you can take a break from doing dishes and watch spongebob with me"

Addie had been working in the yard with Kyle cutting down weeds and branches. She had her own clippers and would say "timber" whenever something came down. Kyle taught her that it means "watch out". Later, at my parents I asked my dad a question and his response was "not until September". Addisen whispered to me "That means watch out".

"I know what your problem is: you aren't funny"

Pretty much any time she gets in trouble she will say "Why are you so angry today?"

Nutella= "chocolate butter"

Addie was eating some mixed nuts, and was picking out her favorites. She was sifting through them while quietly saying to herself (or to the nuts?) "mmm you are are are delicious." When it was harder to find the walnuts she started to ask "who's delicious?"

Polkadots= "Poke-a-knots"

Addie found some paintbrushes and asked if she could take one of them into the tub with her. I said sure. She held up another paintbrush and asked if she could bring it too. I said yes. That is when she muttered to herself "Looks like I can do anything I want."

Addisen didn't want to share a game. I told her that she had to and when I went to give the game away she cringed, hid her eyes and said "I can't watch"


Me- "Addie, don't squish the bread"
Addie- "Fine then, I'll squish you!"
...and then she did.


In response to Kyle telling her not to do something (not on a Sunday)..."Fine then I'm not going to church"

Driving home from St. George...

Addie: "Mommy, can we speed all the way to our house?"
Me: "Hmmm, what if we get pulled over by a cop?"
Addie: "We won't."
Me: "How do you know?"
Addie: "My heart told lets goooooo! "

after a minute she told me that she wanted the car to be driving on only two wheels :)


Addie "Ooops, I fell....but my bottom caught me."

About a week or two ago Addie wanted me to play with her. She has been having a hard time that I can't do things exactly when she wants me to because of the baby's needs. We were putting together a puzzle and Afton started crying. She knew that I was going to leave so she said "Shhhh, just stay" and covered my ears so I couldn't hear the baby crying. Man I love that girl.

She has also told me that Jesus doesn't want me to feed the baby anymore.


Me: "What should we get our neighbors for Christmas this year?"

Addisen: "Hmmm,.....maybe we could....hmmm....poop on their windows?"

-It is probably my fault that she says things like that. I try so hard not to laugh, but it is so very difficult not to.

Another crude joke?...We were at my parents eating dinner. Usually my dad sits at the head of the table, but Addie took his spot. Kyle asked her if she was going to be the head of the table now. She said "No, that's disgusting!....maybe the butt of the table"

The other day I was trying to get Addisen to go to sleep. I asked her if she wanted to be the "sleep sheep captain"....she usually likes to choose how loud the sleep sheep music is, and which song it plays. She said "no, I'll just be the sleep captain." Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep. I wish that happened every night :)

Addisen was sleeping in the bed with Kyle, and there wasn't very much room left since they had both sprawled out. I went to sleep in the guest room and took a baby monitor with me. At about 4am Addisen came to sleep in the bed with me. She laid down for a few minutes. I thought she was back to sleep, but then she heard Afton start to cry over the baby monitor. She hopped right up and said, "oh, I will take care of this". How amazing would that be if she could put her back to sleep herself :) And what a great sister to think that she could. So sweet.

Me: "Addie will you be my valentine?"

Addie: "No!"

Me: "Aww, why not?"

Addie: "Because I am a human"

Addie was being so silly one day and said among other things, "I am a people expert....Did you know that necks aren't important?"

Afton has been rolling for about a month now. She was able to get off of her stomach for quite a while, but all of the sudden she started to just roll all over the place. She is such a happy baby. I love watching her play with her hands, and hold onto her toes. She has started eating a little bit of solid food. Her facial expressions are pricesless. She doesn't seem to love cereal, but she had some acorn squash the other day that she really liked, and she likes breads. I love her little cuddley body. She is so sweet.


  1. Super cute.

    I especially love that story of sifting through the nuts ("you are delicious, you are delicious") etc.