Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bye Bloggity

I think I am done with blogging. I love to do it, but mainly just to have my memories written down for myself.

I figure people don't really care about the day to day things that I like to blog about anyway. I haven't gone to any really amazing places, or done any really interesting things, or have any fun ideas or crafts for you to do. I'm not articulate.

I love my family, and the little things we do together. And when I make time to blog it takes me away from my family, or cleaning, or something else I SHOULD be making time for. Plus, I feel weird about posting all the pictures of my children that I want to on the Internet for everyone to see.

My new alternative? I am going to head on over to blurb and put my blog into book form. Instead of posting on a blog, I will add a page to a book, and hopefully print it off every so often. If you don't feel like you get to keep tabs on our amazing lives, feel free to leave your e-mail address and I will invite you to take a peek at whatever books I am working on. I have one I just finished for Addisen for Christmas. It is an ABC book, and pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.

As a result I am sure that I will not be following anyone's blog as much as I usually do. Sorry. Your blogs are all so cute and you do so many fun things that I get jealous :) I will leave you with a few comments that you can cut and paste if you please.

"Ha ha, that is too cute!"
"Love it!"
"Congrats! That is so exciting!"

and last but not least..."Miss you" because I will!


  1. I will miss your posts, but what a great idea to have it in book form. xo

  2. Ah MAN!!! i've been a slacker on my blog too, but I have great intentions of catching up at some

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